Other Services

RISK MANAGEMENT AND AUDIT: Risk management is a process of proactively identifying issues and assessing their potential impact on the company. Some of the main risk areas in any organisation will include:

  • Compliance risk
  • Financial risk
  • Operational risk

Management is responsible for internal control in the company and it should implement a risk management and control system, which is designed to ensure the business is focused on achieving its objectives and that significant risks are identified and mitigated to the extent possible.


FINANCIAL AUDITS: Our firm strives to maintain quality and excellence, which is of paramount importance in our industry. We aim to add value to our clients by providing these quality services. We have great pride in being able to generate additional business from client referrals. We are able to provide a professional solution, similar to larger firms, but with an added personalised service. Our medium size enables senior staff and managers to be personally involved in most assignments.

Our knowledge of the local and regional markets allows us to provide competitive, innovative relevant business solutions that cater directly to our client’s needs.


MANAGEMENT CONSULTING: Effective use of information technology are priorities that never go away as you endeavour to improve business management. To achieve a sustainable performance, the company must have an accurate and timely information to drive performance related decisions. BTM is in the forefront to giving a solution to all our clients’ needs. Our management consulting personnel have specialised skills in finance, technology, operations and human resources with strengths in IT strategy and planning services to help our clients on their key initiatives.

Our firm has a track record of successfully helping clients through their critical business challenges, with the support of our firm’s deep industry knowledge and experience and wide knowledge of our advisory services, access to audit services and tax related issues.